The girl’s kitchen is cooking # 4 – Theme: Kohl! Cabbage and lamb stew with potatoes and carrots


How fast time passes! We are already in the fourth round of the girls’ kitchen and have already cooked ourselves through the year. As a seasonal and regional theme, we chose the cabbage this time. I love cabbage! Every year I am looking forward to the winter and thus the Kohlzeit. With me, you already find a variety of delicious and refined ideas with cabbage. How about, for example, a brewed cabbage salad with cabbage, apples and nuts? Or a Brussels sprouts salad with apple, walnuts and pecorino? Or a red cabbage salad with crispy chorizo? What has been missing in my blog, however, is the classic white cabbage. And so I dedicate my two girls kitchen dishes in a simple home-style diet the classic cabbage.


What the other girls have conjured so far, you can see here -And do not miss, am Tuesday with us everything to click to see the common court! As always, you may then submit your own dishes on the subject (this time will be collected by Samira) which we will then share on our girls’ kitchen Facebook page:

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For me today there is a white cabbage stew with lamb chops h and potatoes. Really delicious, warming winter Soulfood and therefore just right for the stormy autumn weather out there. If you do not like lamb, you can of course also take ground beef or use a mixture of beef and lamb. But I just like the spicy lamb mince in combination with the cabbage, potatoes and carrots. A little caraway gives the whistle and makes the dish wholesome. Depending on your own preference, you can either use whole caraway grains or simply crush them in a mortar. Overall, the dish is very simple, comes with few ingredients and can be prepared quickly and easily.

Cabbage lamb stew with potatoes and carrots

for about 6-8 servings


1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
3 thick carrots
600 g of hard-boiling potatoes
1/2 head of white cabbage
400 g of fresh minced lamb
1/2 tl caraway
1/2 tl marjoram
1.5 l vegetable broth (preferably homemade)
Olive oil for frying sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and sour cream for serving
fresh chopped smooth parsley to serve

Zube Preparation

Prepare all ingredients: Peel and finely chop onion and garlic. Peel carrots and potatoes and cut both into coarse, bite-sized cubes. Remove the outer leaves from the cabbage, halve the cabbage, generously cut out the stalk and cut the cabbage halves into slices first, then roughly.

Heat some olive oil in a large saucepan or roasting pan to medium temperature, Fry minced meat in it crumbly. Put the carrot and potato cubes in the pan and fry briefly. Add cumin and marjoram and stir well. Add the cabbage and pour everything with the vegetable broth. Bring to a boil and simmer the stew on low heat for about 20-25 minutes until the vegetables are cooked.

Spread the stew on deep plates, put a dollop of sour cream on each, and sprinkle with freshly chopped parsley.